Exercise (My In-the-Middle Approach)

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Let’s be real… most human beings are not exactly fond of working out. And I’m here to tell you that I’m not much different. I know what you’re thinking if you know me… Cassi, you have a degree in Exercise Science, you clearly like to workout.

Here’s the thing… it’s not that I really enjoy performing the exercises. I specialized in the subject because I know how important it is. I just appreciate the many benefits of exercise and want others to understand them as well.

I could go on and on about the never ending benefits of exercise, but there’s always one thing that I like to remind myself about when I’m not feeling all that up to it. Let me be one of those annoying people that talk about the cavemen for just a second here… human beings are not meant to be sedentary!

Take-out, Hy-Vee Aisles, and Hello Fresh have not always existed. Yeah, unfortunately, we used to have to work for our food. And water hasn’t always come out of a tap. And our homes have not always been maintained by someone we pay.

So, since we’re spoiled nowadays… we have to make up for it by doing our own physical activity. And yes, this would involve a mix of aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (weight-lifting). Unless, you’d like to go hunt and gather for your food everyday… be my guest!

Because I’m also not the biggest fan of working out, here is my #1 way I get myself to do it at least 5 days a week…

Mixing it Up!

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When it comes to exercise, I love all different kinds of activities. And I like to do them all to mix it up and keep it interesting. Who wants to go to the gym everyday, run for 20 minutes, lift for 40, then go home? I mean maybe that’s what works for you… but I’d get pretty bored.

Every week is a little different for me lately, but I highly recommend at least setting a designated time each day to workout. Whether it’s before work (which is what my husband does), after work, during lunch, or a different time everyday (like me). Just try to set aside the time beforehand.

Then, just make sure you’re getting a good mix of both aerobic and anaerobic. You can do this by doing them every other day or incorporating both into one workout.

Aerobic/anaerobic Every other day

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This is typically the approach that I take, but it will take some planning ahead. So, for example, I might lift weights on Monday (usually half of the muscle groups)… then on Tuesday, I go for a walk/jog… Wednesday, I lift the other half of the muscle groups… Thursday, I go to the zoo or for a hike… and Friday, I do a yoga session.

You can do this however you want… you can lift 4 days and go for a run once or twice in between lifting. Or if you’re a fan of running, go for a run 3 days and lift twice in between.

And you don’t have to workout just on the weekdays… if it works better to workout on the weekends and take Wednesday and Friday off… then do it! Sometimes, I don’t feel like working out after a long week on Friday, so I workout Saturday morning instead. Whatever you need to do to get the job done.

Also, if you want to give yoga a try, or don’t want to pay for a membership, or if you’re like me and don’t like doing it in front of others… try this awesome yoga app!

Down Dog is great for any level yogi. You can choose all different options for your workouts and it’s all from the comfort of your home. And the free version is perfect for amateurs!

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Click this icon to download the Down Dog App!

aerobic/anaerobic in same workout

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Now and then, when I’m a slacker I have to incorporate both aerobic and anaerobic into one workout. I, personally, like to do this through circuit workouts. So, working quickly through bodyweight or lightweight exercises. Many of the classes at gyms like HIIT or Tabata are like this. They get your heart rate up while really working your muscles. These are great if you don’t have a ton of time.

But, if you do have plenty of time in your day, you can also get your cardio in and follow it up with weights. The key is to make sure you get enough of both when you do this.

make working out work for you!

My point to all of this is… working out does not have to be boring. It should be fun/interesting/exciting! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Try a new class at your gym, download a workout video you’ve never done before, find a new place to go for a walk/run, or get the Down Dog app and try yoga!

Just make a weekly plan… what time of the day will you workout? What activities on which days? Do you have some aerobic and some anaerobic? Are you staying active at least 5 days a week?

Here’s a couple of my sample weeks…

MondayLift – chest, back, legs, abs
TuesdayIt’s a beautiful day – Push Lily in stroller at Zoo.
WednesdayLift – biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, abs
Thursday30 minutes full practice yoga
FridayI’m a slacker
SaturdayStill a slacker (but hey, we went shopping and I walked a lot)
SundayOkay, okay… I’ll go for a jog.

MondayCircuit Workout
Tuesday40 min full practice yoga
WednesdayLift – Full Body
ThursdayWalk with Lily
SaturdayGo for a Hike
Sunday30 minutes restorative yoga

So, as you can see… I am not perfect by any means! Everyday is different for me, especially since my schedule is never the same and I have a one-year-old that isn’t exactly easy to workout with. I honestly don’t even plan a week ahead since my days are so random. I literally plan out my next day during my shower the night before.

All I can do is TRY. Try to be active everyday and try to challenge myself in every workout.

And if you want any workout tips or even a personalized plan… I would be happy to put this Exercise Science knowledge to use and help you out! Give me a shout on social media or go to my Contact Me page.

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