Guess What!

Well, it’s happening… we’re expecting Baby Johnson #2! And he/she is due to arrive in February. Miss Lily Lynn is going to be a big sister! Which means two kids, a year and 9 months apart (help me!). But as crazy as this is going to be, we are so excited that Lily will have a sibling that she will get to grow up with!

She has absolutely no idea what we’re saying when we tell her she’s going to be a big sister. And we’re still working on “being nice” to our baby doll. But I know she’s going to be a great little helper when baby arrives.

She already loves to help Mom around house. You should see her come running when I say it’s time to put the dishes away. She’ll take silverware out of the dishwasher one by one and hand them to me. She even tries to tackle the heavy pots and pans, determined to help. She’s also getting quite good at throwing trash away, getting her shoes when it’s time to go, and even putting her toys away when I tell her (we’ll see how long that lasts).

However, as helpful as she might be, I know that raising a newborn and a toddler is not always going to be sunshine and lemonade. I mean, I watch moms do it all the time, but it’s still quite terrifying to imagine. And yes, I know that the lessons that I learned as a first-time mom are going to carry over. I know that I won’t be quite as paranoid with the second. And I know that my instincts will take over, just like they did with Lily.

But, for real, if any of you moms of two or more children want to lend me some advice, I will gladly take it! Leave a comment or send a message, if you’d like!

Let our new adventure begin!

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