Must-Have Baby Products (6-12 months)

My previous blog, 10 Must-Have Baby Products (0-6 months), I went over my favorite products for newborns. If the list of things you need for a newborn seems never-ending… I’m sad to tell you that as they grow, the list just gets longer. They outgrow one thing, just so you can buy yet another thing. Some of it is a little more simple, while a few things remain complicated with way too many choices.

All I can say is… don’t be afraid to wait to buy the things that they won’t need when they’re newborns. There’s no reason to go buy a highchair when you’re still pregnant. You’ll just have to find a place to store it, and what if you change your mind?

Many of the products on this list, we actually started using a little earlier than 6 months, but I know that every baby is different and every parent is different. So, here are my favorite baby products for the “post-newborn” stage…

1 – Convertible High Chair

Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 Convertible High Chair, Landry, One Size

We actually decided to buy a high chair for Lily when she was about 3 months old. We have a higher dinner table, and when we were eating, we felt like Lily was so far away in her swing/rocker on the ground. We liked the idea of having her “at the dinner table” with us just like it’ll always be in the future.

I found the Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 Convertible High Chair. I love this high chair! We were able to use it right away with the whole tray removed and Lily buckled into the reclined position. She was even able to sit right next to me as I worked at the table. And now she’s 16 months, and I still love it.

The cover is machine washable. The eating tray is dishwasher safe (but doesn’t fit in our dishwasher so I hand wash it, which isn’t a big deal). There are 3 reclining positions. There are 5 height adjustments (we use the highest with our 3 foot table). It folds up, which I thought would be important, but we never fold it out of laziness. The whole seat comes off of the base and can buckle to a chair like a booster. And there’s a little “big kid” seat on the base if you want to use two seats at once (which might actually happen now that we’re expecting again).

I found this highchair was perfect when Lily started Baby-Led Weaning. If you want to learn more about our experience with Baby-Led Weaning, check out my blog, Baby-Led Weaning… it’s worth it!

2 – Joovy Spoon

I know that this is one of those controversial baby items, but I thought this walker was so convenient. When Lily was only 4-months-old, we wanted something she could sit up in. She had outgrown the Graco Duet Sway, but she wasn’t able to sit up on her own yet. This walker really did the trick to keep her upright and engaged with us. Feel free to judge me, but I felt it was completely safe.

At first, we put a blanket or two around her to make sure she didn’t wiggle around too much. We also have mostly carpet in our house, and this walker would not budge on the carpet, so it was more like a stationary bouncer saucer thing. I really love that this walker has just a big open tray. I thought the ones with all of the toys attached were super obnoxious.

We were able to give her any of her favorite toys, and as she got older, any of her favorite snacks! It’s pricier than other walkers, but you can totally tell it’s better quality just by looking at it. To be honest, I didn’t use this much once she started crawling since we don’t have much hard floor for her to move the walker around on. I’m hoping baby #2 will get more use of it in our new home.

3 – Jogging Stroller

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller, Lagoon

When Lily was 8 months old, we got this BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller, and I cannot praise it enough! It is such a smooth ride, and great for any terrain. I’m sure it’s great for jogging as well, but every time I try to jog with it, my running form suddenly changes and my knees hit together (if anyone has any pointers for running while pushing a stroller, let me know).

Our neighborhood has some crazy sidewalks with lots of bumps and hills, so this thing has been amazing for walks. It also kills ur Chicco stroller at the zoo!

All of the Bob strollers have lots of accessories you can add as well. We added the snack tray and a handlebar organizer with cupholders for me. There are also car seat adapters in a few brands if you’d like to be able to click your carrier car seat into it.

4 – Convertible Car Seat

Unfortunately, they can’t stay in their carrier car seat forever. Which is a bummer, because you can no longer quietly take the whole carrier with you when they are fast asleep. But, alas, they do grow. Lily had to switch to the Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat when she was about 6 months.

I really like this car seat. It is very easy to install. And it has all of the options for rear and forward facing. It’s super easy to get into the perfect position. And I feel like Lily is really comfortable in it. Also, the whole cover zips right off if you want to machine wash it!

5 – Deuter Child Carrier Backpack

Deuter Kid Comfort - Child Carrier Backpack, Midnight

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a must-have for you, but it has been so great for us as active parents! We love to put Lily in it for hikes, walks, the zoo, and we even got to take her shed hunting with us. And she seems to really enjoy it too! She can see everything that we see, she’s comfortable, and she’s more content than in the stroller.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go get this exact carrier, but any carrier in general is really nice to have on hand. We also have this LILLEbaby Six-Position Carrier, which was great when she was smaller, and I definitely plan on using it again for baby #2.

6 – Sippy Cups

Munchkin Click Lock Bite Proof Sippy Cup, Pink/Purple, 9 Ounce, 2 Count

This is an obvious one, but we actually had Lily start practicing with a sippy at about 4 months. I’d just put some water in it and let her play. It was mostly a teething toy for her. But, I’m glad I started so early, because she was off the bottle by 7 months (except for her last feeding before bed).

There are tons of different sippy cups to choose from. These Munchkin Click Lock ones are my favorite right now (at 16 months). But, go read my blog, Let’s Talk Sippy Cups, for my personal reviews on all of the cups that we’ve tried.

7 – Drip Catcher Bibs

These “trough” bibs, as we like to call them, are genius! They are especially great for Baby-Led Weaning, because let’s be real… it is ridiculously messy. But these bibs catch all of the crumbs and drips. And the best part… they are so easy to clean! I either wash them quick in the sink, or if they are super sticky, throw them in the dishwasher. They also roll up, so they are great for throwing in the diaper bag for eating out.

Again, if you’d like to read more about our Baby-Led Weaning journey, go see my blog post, Baby-Led Weaning… it’s worth it!

8 – VTech First Steps Baby Walker

First Steps Baby Walker (Yellow)

This obnoxious toy has been entertaining Lily since she was about 9 months old. She loves all of the noisy buttons and detachable pieces. It was great when she was learning to walk. The toy panel actually comes off of the walker, so if you have a baby who isn’t standing yet, they can still play. I still hear her messing with this thing in her playroom every now and then.

9 – Baby Delight Go with Me Chair

Baby Delight Go with Me Chair | Indoor/Outdoor Chair with Sun Canopy | Gray | Portable Chair converts to 3 Child Growth Stages: Sitting, Standing and Big Kid | 3 Months to 75 lbs | Weather Resistant

This outdoor folding chair is so nice for babies who aren’t mobile yet. You can buckle them right in and it’s super sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them. It comes with the sun shade and the tray. It even has leg holes if you want to have them stand in it! It easily folds up and goes into a carrying bag.

I actually used this a lot in our basement while I was working out. She’d just sit patiently in it and play with toys. We also used it in the backyard while chilling on a nice evening, and I’ve taken it to some baseball games.

10 – Halo Sleepsack

Lily was one of those strange babies that didn’t like to be swaddled. We went to a sleep sack at a pretty young age. We tried a few different kinds, but settled on the Halo Sleepsack. We used a fleece one during the winter, and a cotton one for spring, summer, and fall. I love the weight and feel of the cotton ones. The zipper starts at the top, so it’s easy to unzip from the bottom for diaper changes.

Halo has many other products, including the swaddles for the little ones. They also have muslin and plush along with the fleece and cotton. Lily actually still wears a sleep sack every night (she’s now in an XL). She seems to just sleep better with one, so why not?

There you have it, my favorite products for 6-12 months (or earlier, or later)! Again, if you’d like to see my list for 0-6 month products, see my blog, 10 Must-Have Baby Products (0-6 months).

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