It’s a BOY!!

We are so incredibly excited that our little family of four will have even “teams!” We’d be lying if we said we weren’t hoping for a little man when we went in for our ultrasound.

When I was pregnant with Lily, we decided to skip the big gender reveal party. We wanted it to be more intimate. We waited until the 20 week appointment and had the ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope for us.

Then we went to our favorite restaurant, The Drover, which happens to be a few blocks from the doctors office. We ordered our delicious steaks, then opened the envelope to find out that it was going to be a girl!

We had pink flowers delivered to our parents, then we just let word of mouth take over from there. No social media posts or anything. We kept it pretty low key… and then I went shopping!

This time, we decided to pay the extra $$ for an ultrasound at 17 weeks to find the gender. We made it even more simple. We brought Lily to the ultrasound and just let the tech tell us in the room. I mean, it was pretty obvious on the screen that it was a boy anyway.

We still went to The Drover for lunch (which happened to be the first day they were open since their fire several months ago). However, this time wasn’t as intimate… going out to eat with a 1.5 year old is never ever intimate. But, Lily got her french fries and we got our beef and it was a fun little celebration.

I made a poll on Facebook to see what friends and family thought we were having. (Majority was for a boy.) Then, we had Lily eat a blue lollipop and took pictures of her to send to the family and post on social media.

And then, I went shopping of course! I had to get the little dude his first outfit… urban camo, obviously!

Apologies for my lack of blog posts… the move has taken up a lot of my time. Stay tuned for a pasta recipe that I’m working on. And please shoot me some ideas for more future blogs!!

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